XoomIM is an Inbound SMarketing Agency located in Miami, Florida. SMarketing refers to the unique way that XoomIM’s Founder, Evie Hernandez, has taken her 20 years of sales experience and combined it with her Inbound Marketing expertise to create marketing campaigns that Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Loyal Clients™.

XoomIM helps small to mid-sized companies by building marketing campaigns that consistently produce measurable results, including Attracting website traffic with optimized (SEO) blog content, Capturing email leads with Offers and Promotions on Social Media, and Retaining clients by leveraging the XoomIM Client Referral and Loyalty System.

XoomIM (pronounced Zoom-im) was founded by Evie Hernandez – a “HispanaPreneur” with great passion for inbound marketing. Instead of being an employee and benefiting only one company, she chose to start her own marketing company to help local businesses thrive in Florida.  XoomIM is a boutique style agency that represents small to midsized companies that have sales of at least $1 Million annually. XoomIM is experienced at marketing Fitness Centers, Healthcare, IT/Tech companies, Mattress stores, Day Spas, Plastic Surgeons, Restaurants, and Printers among many other industries in South Florida.

XoomIM tends to keep its client list short, and it is highly selective about the types of clients it accepts. Our Team members are highly specialized in inbound marketing. We offer highly personalized service with the human touch.

XoomIM helps Small businesses transform their marketing from outbound/interruption marketing (unsolicited telemarketing, direct mail, cold calls, etc.) to local inbound marketing (attracting leads through organic SEO, content marketing/blogging, social media), enabling them to “get found” by more local customers in the natural course of the way they shop.

XoomIM brings your whole marketing world together in one powerful, integrated system that Guarantees Results!

XoomIM KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

☑Website Traffic

☑Email Subscribers

☑Email Open Rates

☑Email Click-through Rates



☑Google Reviews

☑Facebook Reviews

☑Social Media Engagement

☑Social Media Shares

☑Social Media Comments