Bizniversity is a Results Driven School of SMarketing (Sales and Marketing).

Bizniversity™ offers business building SMarketing (Sales and Marketing) classes online and live that empower Businesses to Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Loyal Clients.

The Online School of Email Marketing is one of the most preferred courses offered by Bizniversity™. It is among the most preferred courses because business owners who attend the course say that The School of Email Marketing finally gave them the tools to Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent, Loyal Clients by simply implementing the powerful and effective XoomIM Inbound SMarketing Strategy.

It has been proven that businesses that successfully promote their companies by leveraging the XoomIM Inbound SMarketing Strategy, Get Found, Get Leads and Get Results. When business owners and their sales and marketing teams enroll in Bizniversity™ they learn how to create their own internal system by managing and executing marketing campaigns that build long term success. Most business owners agree that growing client relationships successfully start by Attracting ideal clients, Capturing their emails to grow the sales funnel and extending the life of a client.

The Bizniversity™ Online School of Email Marketing covers all aspects of outcomes driven email marketing strategies that generate leads, and nurtures them from awareness to retention. You’ll get insights, tactics, tips, and takeaways that you can implement to improve your email marketing while building a sales and marketing funnel that will Guarantee Results.

By enrolling in the Bizniversity™ Online School of Email Marketing today, you’ll be able to easily and effectively:

  • Attract clients by marketing through the inbox

  • Capture email leads with Attractive content at every stage of the SMarketing Funnel

  • Retain Loyal Affluent Clients by effectively leveraging Email Marketing

Bizniversity™ Online School of Email Marketing
2018 Complete Series $1788

Attract Quality and Qualified Clients 

Drive More Sales with Email 

Call to actions 

Email Click-through Rates

Subject Lines that Scream to be Seen! 

Graphic Design Magic 

How to Grow A Quality Email List 

Leverage Email with Social Media 

Create Remarkable Email Content

Create a Responsive Automatic Series

☑Prospect and Prosper

How to Attract Clients by Videos

Retain Loyal Clients 

BONUS (additional ones available)